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Rama Group is a group of companies based in Indonesia, which is currently growing rapidly. The group of companies grouped in 7 (six) main businesses, namely: Distributor / Sole Agent, Real Estate, Investment, Printing & Publishing, Tour & Travel, and Property Education and Entrepreneurship Education.

As a distributor and sole agent, the company have world famous brands for various industrial purposes, automotive, oil and gas, construction and safety, military equipment, and educational tools. Currently, we manage 15 world famous brands from USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, China, and Taiwan.

As an Investment, the company just focus to support the business of group members. None of investment out of members can be proceed right now.

As a Property (Real Estate), the company focus on build the residential small and medium houses, small and medium offices which lies in Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi Island. The company expand the business into 5 subsidiaries which are real estate, construction, consultant, management asset, and brokerage.

As a Printing & Publishing, the company operates digital printing and offset, and publish of books, magazines, and journals. The product of company used by goverment offices, private companies, political parties, and even personal. Banners, flyers, rubber stamp, flag, stickers, photos, and printing on hard material can be serve by company to customers.

As a School of Property, Raja School of Property have 4 (four) programs which is Professional Property Investor (PPI); Professional Property Analyst (PPA); Professional Property Developer (PPD); Professional Property Business (PPB).

As a Tour & Travel, the ICMI Travel named, its focus on Umrah which are handling thousands of Indonesian pilgrims a year.

As an Education, the IE Indonesia have various of special academy such as public speaking academy, digital and communication academy, and school of creative industry academy.

Workshop Properti 2016 di Raja School of Property

Promo 2016 Property of Raja School



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